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The Journey of a Lifetime

There is a ship out on the horizon
Calling out to me, beckoning me on
Promising a new life and a fresh start
Promises of all things dear to my heart
I leave all my things and pack in my guts
Waving at folks who think I am nuts

The ocean is a sweet summer lover,
Caring and caressing me all over
But she becomes unsure of my intentions
And my yearning for the ship only leads to rising tensions
She rolls and roils and rocks me about, saying sweetheart
I want to hold you forever in my bloodless blue heart

I speak vehemently to her soul
Telling I’d always stay with her, trying to console
She calms down and cheers up
Silently leading me away from the ship, like a grownup
And now the ship gets ever distant
Lost in the mist, almost never existent

From the new waters there emerges
Another ship, again pulling at my urges
Is it the one that will lead me to the promised lands?
Or is it just another wreck that will burn my hands
The ocean is calm and quiet for now
But I have to escape her and get to that ship, somehow

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Healing the Numbness

Scratching at my brain
Burst a cloud of pain
Hoping it will rain
Make some sense again

Is there someplace far
I can flee this war
I can heal this scar
Burning through like tar

Tell me I will heal
Right now I can’t feel
That’s making me squeal
I’ve been slit with steel

In this deep dark night
There a ray of light
Could I be alright
Should I maybe fight

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Simplicity is a Façade

Simplicity is a façade
Not always what it seems
It can be quite flawed
Listening to whatever screams

Simple truths complicate things
Hitting like a silent storm
Complex lies placate on-goings
Often becoming the norm

Like a mirage rising from east
It is a setup for fraud
Like the calm of a hungry beast
Simplicity is a façade

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Connected We Thrive

United we stand divided we fall
The wise old saying told us all
Don’t care, we are the new generation
We gave us a new quotation
Connected we thrive disconnected we barely survive

Head up and eyes on the road we were told
It’s the way to drive don’t be bold
But how do we know where to go then
And so we told the wise old men
Connected we thrive disconnected we can’t even drive

Why are you buried in your phones all day
He asked, his face leaking dismay
Work from my phone, I said, I work from home
I work from anywhere I roam
Connected we thrive disconnected all we do is skive

Don’t get caught up in your messy lifestyle
Said the old man in his last mile
All these connections only bring concern
Give them up and you will discern
Connected you may thrive disconnected you’ll come alive

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The Joyful Uninhinbited

Let me sing
Let me spring
Into a happy life
I shall swing

I am fine
I will shine
When the cosmic plan and
I align

Hear me shout
See me flout
All negativity
I reroute

Come with me
Filled with glee
Of all these manacles
Let’s be free

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Genesis of a Wave

There is a wave arisin’
Out there on the horizon
Is it romance that births it
Or spite that triggers a hit
Is it moon fondling earth’s hair
displaying magnetic flair
Or earth quaking with intent
and ocean firing a tsunami, not one to relent