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Simplicity is a Façade

Simplicity is a façade
Not always what it seems
It can be quite flawed
Listening to whatever screams

Simple truths complicate things
Hitting like a silent storm
Complex lies placate on-goings
Often becoming the norm

Like a mirage rising from east
It is a setup for fraud
Like the calm of a hungry beast
Simplicity is a façade

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Connected We Thrive

United we stand divided we fall
The wise old saying told us all
Don’t care, we are the new generation
We gave us a new quotation
Connected we thrive disconnected we barely survive

Head up and eyes on the road we were told
It’s the way to drive don’t be bold
But how do we know where to go then
And so we told the wise old men
Connected we thrive disconnected we can’t even drive

Why are you buried in your phones all day
He asked, his face leaking dismay
Work from my phone, I said, I work from home
I work from anywhere I roam
Connected we thrive disconnected all we do is skive

Don’t get caught up in your messy lifestyle
Said the old man in his last mile
All these connections only bring concern
Give them up and you will discern
Connected you may thrive disconnected you’ll come alive