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The Journey of a Lifetime

There is a ship out on the horizon
Calling out to me, beckoning me on
Promising a new life and a fresh start
Promises of all things dear to my heart
I leave all my things and pack in my guts
Waving at folks who think I am nuts

The ocean is a sweet summer lover,
Caring and caressing me all over
But she becomes unsure of my intentions
And my yearning for the ship only leads to rising tensions
She rolls and roils and rocks me about, saying sweetheart
I want to hold you forever in my bloodless blue heart

I speak vehemently to her soul
Telling I’d always stay with her, trying to console
She calms down and cheers up
Silently leading me away from the ship, like a grownup
And now the ship gets ever distant
Lost in the mist, almost never existent

From the new waters there emerges
Another ship, again pulling at my urges
Is it the one that will lead me to the promised lands?
Or is it just another wreck that will burn my hands
The ocean is calm and quiet for now
But I have to escape her and get to that ship, somehow